Will files link change when I move files in newly created folder?

No, files or attachment URL will not change and neither attribute files which you move in folders.

What happen to files if I delete a folder, Will file also deleted?

No, your file will be safe and never delete using this plugin, file will be moved to non-organized category which is located on top-second of sidebar.

How to search a file, it only search folder?

There is default search feature for file search in WordPress Media in right panel you can use it to search files and right search use for folders?

How to create a sub-folder?

Click on folder which you want to make parent folder then click on ‘Add New Folder’ from top toolbar or right click and you will see context menu where you can choose ‘Add New Folder’.

How to move all files from a folder?

Right click and you will see context menu, click on ‘Move All Files’ option, then you will see popup to select folder, select your desired directory and click ok. Your all files will move to your selected directory.

Will it affect my SEO settings for media images and other attachment?

No, this plugin neither change property, attribute of attachment nor URL of attachment.

What is Color Label provided in plugin?

Color label for folder makes easy to organize by assigning color to each folder so it helps user to better accessible.

Can I use plugin in my local language?

Yes, plugin comes with translate ready as well as support for WPML and PolyLang.

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