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Best WordPress Media Library Plugins

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An online website becomes perfect with the combinations of images, audio, video, or PDF files that reinforce the text content. When building the WordPress site, it is quite empty. But over time you will upload many files to make your site more interesting and engaging for users. However, over the long run, the WordPress media library may become disorganized and cluttered. At that time you can sort it easily with WordPress media library plugins.

The media library management plugins make them easier to manage the media files from the back-end site. WordPress is an open-source platform and contains many free and premium plugins available to manage the files.

In today’s article, we’ve rounded up the useful and popular media library plugins that organize thousands of media files quickly and make your life easier.

1. WPFileo Pro

WPFileo Pro is a solution to manage thousands of images and other media files into folders & categories. It manages texts, images, videos, and audio just by clicking the button from the back-end of your WordPress website. This plugin easily organizes the files and folders in multiple categories without impacting the core features of WordPress media.

Moreover, this plugin bestows you sorting and searching functionality to find any media or files smoothly that certainly saves a lot of time. In addition to this, you can move and reorganize media library folders quickly with drag and drop. It is a GDPR compatible plugin and provides a user-friendly interface.


  • Personalize Folders
  • Resizable Sidebar
  • Create Unlimited Folders And Sub-folders
  • Rearrange Folders And Sub Folders With Drag & Drop
  • Easy Functionality To Rename Folder

Should you try:

If you are lacking in managing media files then definitely you should go for WPFileo Plugin. A good media library plugin to manage files and folders.


WPFileo Pro media manager plugin costs just $9.


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2. FileBird

FileBird is the most popular WordPress media library folders. Also, it manages the media files and organizes them in categories or folders wise. Installing this plugin, users can organize the files from the WordPress dashboard easily. It has a simple user-interface and smart menu that even a beginner also can create and manages the files and folders. It supports multiple file types such as video, audio, images, etc.


  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Customized Sidebar
  • Multi-language Supported
  • Page builder, WooCommerce, and WPML compatible

It is available in free and pro version both.

Should you try:

FileBird is definitely worth using a plugin to manage media or images in a simple way. This plugin’s free version is able to create only 10 folders, if you’re good with it you can go for the free version otherwise go for the pro!

FileBird is Free and $25 for Premium Version.


3. WordPress Real Media Library

WordPress Real Media Library is a full-features WordPress plugin to manage and organize thousands of files into folders and galleries. It is a Gutenberg ready plugin and works best on touch devices. Moreover, it gives full control of creating, rename, and delete on your folders in one toolbar. This plugin also has sorting, bulk selection, rearrange folders, etc features are available. To manage files in just a click away in the file manager.


  • Drag and Drop Files Function
  • Quick Navigation to Folder with the search feature
  • Create Dynamic gallery with Gutenberg block
  • Supports WordPress Multisite

Should you try:

Real Media Library is a viable solution if you’re looking for a complete plugin for managing the media files. It is fully compatible with page builders, major themes, and plugins.


WordPress Real Media Library Costs only $39.


4. File Manager

Another useful plugin to manage the files and images easily with the File Manager WordPress plugin. It is an advanced media management plugin for WordPress sites with lots of features. One amazing feature is added which is editing all major image formats including pdf and PSD. Moreover, it has Windows-style GUI and context menu shortcuts. This plugin has an elegant and user-friendly interface.


  • Enable/Disable File Manager
  • Auto Folder Creation For All Users
  • Ban Access to Specific Users
  • Advanced Image Editor
  • Context Menu Support

Should you try:

File Manager is truly a complete solution to manage media files with the new image editor feature. It works flawlessly on the WordPress site. It works more than just managing folders.


File Manager WordPress plugin costs $19.


5. WP Media Manager

Another notable WordPress plugin to manage the media image files called WP Media Manager. It organizes plenty of images or media files and folders in your WordPress site smoothly. With the drag, drop, filter, customize, create duplicate files, etc features, you can easily manage the images in a most convenient way. This plugin has 3 in-built media templates with lots of customization options.


  • Media Files Ordering & Filtering Options
  • Drag and Drop Media Files and Folders
  • Gallery Slider Shortcode From Folders
  • Import All Server Folders and Media
  • Multiple Folders/Sub-Folders Creation

Should you try:
WP Media Manager manages documents and files as well as showcasing media images with beautiful gallery layouts. If you want an extra designing factor while managing media files, you can try it.

WP Media Manager is Free or $17 for the Premium Version


6. WP Media Folder

WP Media Folder is another useful plugin to manage media easily. It also comes with some outstanding galleries. It is simple and easy to plugin to organize a media library. Moreover, a user can classify the product with color and cover. It supports the Gutenberg editor and includes 9 blocks. Moreover, this plugin provides masonry, slider, portfolio, and gallery. It automatically imports media folders to galleries. This plugin also gives an option to display media to certain users.


  • Bulk selection Options
  • Media access by user/role
  • Sync folder from the server
  • Drag ‘n drop Functionality
  • List uncategorized attachments
  • Advanced sorting and filtering

Should you try:
WP Media Folder WordPress plugin is surely worth using for those who want restriction features with managing the media files.

WP Media Folder Plugin’s starting cost is $29 for the 6 months.


7. WordPress Media Library Folders

As its name suggests, the WordPress Media Library Folders plugin makes it easier to manage the media library. You can build new library folders to label and organize as you intended instead of month or date. It is also compatible with MaxGalleria, with the ability to add images with a click of a button. Moreover, you can move or upload the folders via FTP.


  • Regenerate thumbnails
  • drag and drop interface
  • Sync Files & Folders Via FTP
  • Add ALT and TITLE attributes when uploading

Should you try:
WordPress Media Library Folders free and competent WordPress plugin to manage the files by creating its own structures. It may create complications but easy to use.

WP Media Manager is Free or $29 for the Premium Version


8. Media Library Organizer

Another free and useful WP Media Organizer plugin creates the categories for images, videos, and other attachments. Moreover, to save time it has searching and filtration functionality that finds the image or files easily. This plugin has Tree View functionality that helps to categorize the multiple attachments in the bulk. Moreover, there are no limits on the maximum number of categories or sub-categories.


  • Tree View for easy searching
  • Import and Export Categories
  • Search and Filter Attachments by Category
  • Bulk Categorize Multiple Attachments

Should you try:
This plugin has a Tree View that adds a sidebar on your WordPress media library from which it becomes easier to work. If you want this type of feature on your site. You should try it!

Media Library Organizer is Free or $39 for the Premium Version for a single site.


9. Filester

Filester is another amazing free and file management plugin. It is a handy tool for your WordPress media files. This free plugin contains lots of professional functionalities. This plugin creates a new menu on your website dashboard with the name of File Manager on the left sidebar. From that, you can view all the files that compose your current WordPress site.

You can manage all the things such as copy, paste, download, upload, edit, delete, preview, create an archive, duplicate and get total info of the configuration without any FTP access. It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage and search media files easily.


  • Drag & drop interface
  • Smart context menu
  • Great UI/UX design
  • RTL supported
  • Create/extract archives
  • Hidden files/folders options

Should you try:
Yes, definitely worth it to use the Filester plugin to manage the media files. It involved premium features and never asked to upgrade to the pro version. A good free plugin!


Final Words!

Having any difficulties managing the media library of your site, then pick one of the media library plugins to organize it. These plugins are ideal for the management of the images, audio, video files. What’s more, in the listed WordPress plugins, some of them have more functions & others have simpler functionalities.

The media library functions of WordPress have improved over time but these media library management plugins can do a lot more. So, opt for the suitable one! Feel free to contact us if you have any other media management plugin.

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